Fiber Optic Polisher

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly Polishing and Inspection


  • Automatic, multi-port polishing of all commercial and military-style connectors
  • Single, universal work holder for all UPC ferruled connectors from 1.25 mm to 3 mm ferrule outer diameters
  • Unique work holder design for multi-fiber connectors, v-groove arrays, and planar waveguides
  • Integral end-face inspection with micro-positioning capabilities allows large areas to be viewed at high magnification
Cila 2.0 Fiber Optic Polishing and Inspection System with Universal Work Holder
Connector/ Ferrule Polishing
V-Groove Fiber Array Polishing
Planar Waveguide Polishing

Bare Fiber Polishing and Inspection

  • Configuration supports single position polishing of high value fiber optic assemblies
  • Profile view, high magnification video camera for process monitoring
  • Precision angle adjustability from 0-82 degrees
  • Bare fiber polishing (single or ribbonized) without cleaving
  • Polarization maintaining fiber alignment and polishing
  • Bare fiber array polishing
Variable Angle Polishing with Digital Read Out and End Face Inspection
Straight & Angled Bare Fiber Polishing
Chiseled & Conical Bare Fiber Polishing
Ribbonized Bare Fiber Polishing

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