Bare Fiber Polishing

Bare Fiber Polishing and Inspection

The Cila 2.0 Bare Fiber Polishing and Inspection System can efficiently grip, align, position, and polish bare fibers to a multitude of exotic geometries. Built-in inspection systems (profile and in-line brightfield) provide high-resolution imaging and referencing, making it an effective tool for applications when demanding tolerances for polish angles, radial alignment (PM fibers), and precise fiber protrusion lengths are required.


  • Configuration supports single position polishing of high-value fiber optic assemblies
  • Profile view, high-resolution video inspection system for process monitoring and inspection. Angular accuracy: +/-.05 degrees, Linear accuracy: +/-5 um
  • Precision angle adjustability from 0-82 degrees with digital readout
  • Bare fiber polishing (single or ribbonized) without cleaving
  • Polarization maintaining fiber alignment and polishing
  • Faceted, chiseled, and other complex end-face polishing
  • Metrology option for precise measurements for length, angle, and radial alignment
Bare fiber polishing – ribbonized, chiseled, conical, straight, angled
In-line end face inspection and profile viewing
Variable Angle Polishing with Digital Read Out
PM fibers angle polished with strength member to angle alignment

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