Optical Waveguide Polishing

Optical Waveguide Polishing and Inspection

The Cila 2.0 Optical Waveguide and V-groove Array Fiber Optic Polishing and Inspection System can polish and inspect many types of optical waveguides, multi-fiber V-groove arrays, and similar components requiring coplanar, flat, angled, or faceted endfaces. The system is equipped with a profile view, high-resolution video camera, allowing the user to monitor for polishing process, stock removal, and angle verification. An integral bright field inspection system with precise positioning capability, allows the polished end face of a device to be inspected for quality.


  • Defect and fracture-free parts gipping accurate to +/-.01 degrees
  • Titanium/PEEK hybrid Insert grippers for durability on sub-miniature parts
  • Adjustable-width grippers for larger waveguides and arrays
  • Precision feed for precise stock removal and length control (1 um length control)
  • Metrology software option for polish angle verification and length measurement
  • Integral, positionable brightfield video inspection capability using high resolution camera and precision glass optics. View all critical zones/edges to 500X magnification
Polish/parasitic angle and length measurements
Adjustable grippers for larger waveguides and arrays
Precision grippers for subminiature arrays
Chip-free, precise gripping of glass, silicon, and similar materials
In-line end-face inspection, polish/parasitic angle and length measurements

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